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  • Date: September 4, 2023
  • Categories: Apps

Mobile Programming

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, mobile programming stands as a pillar of innovation and accessibility.

I occasionally delve into the realm of mobile programming, bringing ideas to life on the small screen. This segment of my portfolio highlights my journey and achievements in mobile development, showcasing the diverse projects that illustrate my skills and adaptability.

My Some Projects:

1 Afghan TV Channels 2024:

The Afghan TV Channels 2024 allows you to watch 50+ live tv channels from Afghanistan at any time, anywhere, for free!


Afghan TV

2 Afghan Music:

Listen to the music continually!
With Afghan music, you are always the first one who will notifying of the new Afghani music versions.
Discover the vibrant world of Afghan music with our innovative Afghan Music app.

3 Iran Radios:

This is the radio application where everyone can listen music and audio, news, talk, comedy, etc.
If you would like to listen to persian radios in this app you can enjoy online radio in a simple, easy and fast way to use.
Our mission is to ensure that music lovers can listen to the farsi radio stations in the world, anytime, anywhere.



More Apps:

My Google play Studio